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Do you want to learn how to effectively fight for women’s rights and climate justice? And meet like-minded people in the process?


Join the Climate Justice Summer School! And learn:

  • How to find feminist solutions to the global climate crisis.
  • How to organise a successful action for justice.
  • How to get politicians’ attention and how to transform that into effective lobbying strategies.
  • So much more!


“Climate change does not discriminate, we will all be affected.” True or not true?

Not true. Women are hit so much harder by the climate crisis than men. They are 14 times more likely to die during a climate disaster, and 80 percent of all climate refugees are women. Yet, politicians are barely moving into action to stop this rapidly unfolding disaster. So we will need increase the pressure!

Join the Climate Justice Summer School and learn how to make decision makers listen. Together we will make that difference! The Summer School has no charge, all it costs is your time and motivation!

Please note: you can no longer sign up to the 2022 Climate Justice Summer School. Thanks to all who signed up and are fighting for justice! Keep an eye on this page to find out when you can sign up for next year’s Climate Justice Summer School.



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The timeline for 2022

You will meet your fellow Summer School participants on June 19th, at the Climate March in Rotterdam, so keep that day free in your schedules!

In phase 1 of the program you will gain in depth knowledge, meet inspirational experts, activists and government officials from across the globe, and develop the skills needed to make a difference. These sessions will be held from the 6th of July until the 10th of august on Wednesdays. They will be approximately 2 hour-long sessions in the evening. Some will be held in person and some can be followed online.

In phase 2 you will be spilt into teams to develop actions to push, nudge, guide, and encourage law makers, policy makers, government officials and politicians to take a stand for gender-just climate action at COP27. You will be guided by campaigning and activism experts from ActionAid in how to create your action to ensure that it resonates with the people you are targeting and will help drive the solutions forward. We will host three campaiging workshops on Wednesday 31st of August, the 14th and 28th of September. Then during the month of October you will be doing the actions you have been preparing for all summer!

What you’ll get

  • Professional support during the full 4 month program.
  • Access to the knowledge, expertise and team at ActionAid.
  • 6 incredibly interesting, interactive and educational sessions on climate, human rights, women’s rights, lobbying and the relationship between the Global North and the Global South.
  • The chance to develop your own actions to push the issue forward.
  • The opportunity to expand your network.
  • A certificate of completion (if you attend 5/6 of the workshops in phase 1 and partake in 2/3 sessions in phase 2).
  • The chance to express your creativity.
  • Meet and greets with professionals from the NGO and lobbying sector.
  • Travel compensation for the in-person sessions.


What we expect from you

  • Attending 5/6 of the phase 1 sessions and 2/3 sessions in phase 2.
  • Participating in the development of an action.
  • A short letter of motivation (in step 2 of the form).
  • 3 hours a week in phase 1 and 4 hour a week in phase 2.


If you have and questions, please reach out to Marjon Melissen via marjon.melissen@actionaid.org.

Together we can give the climate crisis the feminist solutions it requires! 



Write a short letter of motivation (1/2 A4 to 1 A4) and upload it before June 12th 2022 with your name, e-mail address and phone number. We will be in touch!

As there are limited spots available we cannot guarantee that everyone will get a chance to take part in the program.

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