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  • El Niño: The Silent Emergency

    13 juli 2016

    In April 2016, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, alerted governments gathered in Geneva that they collectively faced “an alarming funding gap of…

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  • Kamerbrief AO conflictmineralen

    29 juni 2016

    Begin 2017 heeft de Europese Unie conflictmineralen wetgeving aangenomen, gericht op het droogleggen van grondstoffenhandel die bijdraagt aan de financiering van conflict in landen als…

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  • Strengthening urban resilience in African cities

    07 juni 2016

    The population of Africa’s cities is growing rapidly. But as poor people cram into towns and cities characterised by limited, weak and often under-resourced infrastructure,…

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  • Jaarverslag 2015

    23 mei 2016

    In 2015, ActionAid staff members, partners, supporters and local communities, worked tirelessly to fight poverty, injustice and inequality. In this report you will read about…

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  • On the frontline: Catalysing Women’s Leadership in Humanitarian Action

    18 mei 2016

    The World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 provides a unique opportunity for governments, UN agencies and civil society actors to set an ambitious agenda for empowering…

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  • The Price of Privilege

    28 april 2016

    Inequalities of all kinds are on the rise. This is happening despite the fact that the moral, political and economic justifications for such inequalities —…

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